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Since 2011
Photoshop CS5.1

Divine Intervention is the design portfolio of a 24 year old amateur graphic designer. Hobbyist, not professional.

I first started learning simple HTML on MySpace.com in 2007-2008. This further led to learning simple CSS on VampireFreaks.com in mid-2009. I created simple cult and profile layouts, not knowing exactly what I was doing. After about half a years break from VF, I became active again and got myself a copy of photoshop in early 2011 [continue reading]


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All premade graphics below are free for your use - All I ask is that you do not claim anything as your own, or change anything / remove any credits. All resource information can be found on the credits page. If anything is found copied or altered in any way, this is against my personal rules for requests, and guilty individuals will be placed onto my blacklist.

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The tutorials listed below are there for your reference. I do not take credit for the blank style codes etc., however if you go by these tutorials copy / pasting and don't change a thing to suit your own style / the layout you're creating, I'd appreciate credit in some form or another. Feel free to message me if you have any questions, or even just to show me what you've created using these tutorials! I love to see something I've done being a helpful tool in someone else's progression to becoming a steady designer.

Simple VF Cult Layout Advanced Cult Styling Simple VF Profile Layout Setting up a Domain

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